Thursday, April 27, 2017

The House of Enlad

Prince Arren with his parents - Rose and the Prince of Enlad. Fanart for Usrula Le Guin's "The Farthest Shore", though the Arren depicted here with his parents a little younger than he is when he was first introduced in the novel.
royal family portrait
Inspirations used for the clothing and designs of Enlad: Coast Salish and Qing Dynasty Chinese.
Coast Salish territory lies at a similar latitude to Enlad in Earthsea, and their clothing styles would be quite compatible with the climate of Arren's country. As for the second major design influence on this piece: In "The Farthest Shore", Arren was described as someone who wrote with a brush (unlike the people of Gont who wrote with quill pens). So I thought to take design inspiration from a society that used brushes for writing, in this case, China of the Qing era.

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