Thursday, November 28, 2013

Portrait of a Courtier

Profile of young Mughal courtier
Influenced by the art and design of Mughal India. Lattice background is inspired by the stone latticework designs of India.

Costume references used are 18th century Mughal era paintings. I originally wanted to have the character facing right, but realized that the left side of the garment had more detail than the right, so I decided to save myself some trouble.

Outfits of that era, with accessories and fabric patterns, can get a lot more opulent and detailed than this, but I choose the most simply dressed courtiers to use as clothing models. (Wouldn't want to steal attention from the latticework, which was what captured my attention in the first place.)

Companion piece: Portrait of an Official

Click here to view this gentleman with a beard. :-)

Many thanks to the friends who took time to provide valuable critique.

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