Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Four Tales of Children Born from Plants

FolktaleCountryMode of Child's Delivery
Timun MasIndonesiaCucumber
Meng Jiang NuChinaGourd
Kaguya HimeJapanBamboo Stalk
MomotaroJapanPeach(Added on 1/1/13 per jnguyễn 's suggestion)

In one version of Timun Mas (Golden Cucumber), a giant gives a childless farming couple some magic cucumber seeds. In another version, it was a childless widow who accepted the giant's offer of help. The farmer(s) carefully cultivate the plants, which yielded a large cucumber. On cutting the vegetable open, the prospective parent(s) was/were delighted to find a baby girl inside. But the giant's help came with strings attached...