Sunday, April 29, 2012

2011 retrospective

I have been reworking some of last year's illustrations over the past few weeks. Some of the changes were relatively minor tweaks based on critiques for the recent Pineapple Girl and shapeshifting canid series. A shout out to the my fine artist and illustrator friends who took the time to make detailed observations, and provide thoughtful, useful comments. You are an awesome bunch. Thank you.
Most recently I finished updating the mermaids series. making enhancements to the color and shape design.
Southeast Asian mermaid
Latest version of Duyung
Southeast Asian mermaid
Summer 2011 version
Coyote changes to hunter
Latest version of Coyote Transforms
coyote changes into young man
Fall 2011 version

I like working digitally. I can keep tweaking stuff as long as I want to. Every few months, on returning to a piece with fresh eyes, I see something I want to change. But I really should get back to new work ;-)

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