Friday, September 16, 2011

Myth of the Moon Toad

toad in Chinese costume flying to the moon
The Chinese belief concerning a toad in the moon predates the Warring States era.1 Late Warring States era statesman and poet Qu Yuan (340-278 BCE) wrote of a toad in the moon in his Songs of Chu.2

Moon Toad may predate other Chinese moon myths such as the Moon Hare.1 One version of the Moon Toad myth claims that the toad is the lady Chang E (aka Heng E) transformed. Imperial Readings of the Taiping Era (written between 977 and 983 CE3) quotes earlier works that mention a moon toad, including the astronomy book Ling Xian by Zhang Heng (78-139 CE)4:

Yi asked the Queen Mother of the West for the Medicine of Immortality. Yi's wife Heng E stole the medicine and flew to the moon. She installed herself on the moon and became a toad.

Sunday, September 4, 2011

Guardian of the Gate

female figure standing in front of cyber portal

Background graphics combines influences from Shirow Masamune's Ghost in the Shell and decorative art from the Malay world.

Patterning on the costume also inspired by (but not claiming to be an authentic representation of) fabric designs from Indonesia and Malaysia.